Rushing Through or Looking Around

As I go through my day I am usually rushing around focused on all I have to do that day. Get the kids up, dressed, fed, take Jared to the bus, take Joshua to preschool, drive home, give Amanda a nap, pick up Joshua, make lunch, greet hubby, kiss hubby goodnight, put Amanda down for nap, spend time with Joshua, Joshua’s speech, and on it goes. I’m a busy momma of three and this is how it goes.

Well I got through all that and got to “pick Jared up from bus stop”. So I got everyone bundled, put Amanda in her stroller, made sure I had the keys to get the mail and off we went. As we were strolling up Joshua was laughing and talking to Amanda when I looked up and around at the beautiful little community we live in when I saw it. I stopped dead in my tracks and told Joshua to look too. It was a deer! (We just moved to the country so this was a first for Joshua.) I was excited and amazed as we looked a few feet away at this beautiful, large deer. The deer was looking right at us. I was secretly hoping it wasn’t going to charge us. The deer turned around, put it’s tail up, and cautiously walked back into the woods. Just before it disappeared it looked back at us and then left. Joshua could hardly believe it! We were so excited and amazed that we saw a real deer!!!!

If I hadn’t taken a moment to breathe and just look up and around I would have just passed by this deer and never even known it was there. I would have missed this priceless moment with my son that amazed us and brought a sense of awe and wonder into our day. How many times do I focus down on my own path and miss something wonderful? Do I miss little things that God has in store for me that day because I am not looking for Him in each day? Food for thought.


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