A New Book

I love books! I love when you find a book that you can’t put down. I especially love fiction! I absolutely love getting pulled into a book and the rest of the world seems to fade away. I get so involved in books that I laugh out loud, cry, and yell at the characters in the book while reading. In college I was an English Education major and one day I was forced to read this book I hated so much I threw it across the room. A few weeks later it was my new door stop. That’s right a door stop! Many English majors would consider that horrific, but that is just how emotional I can get about books.

Today I found out that I will be a reviewer for a publisher!! Hurray!! I am so excited! (I don’t get paid) I get free books in return for my review. I am so excited! I picked my first book! A new book in the mail as we speak! I can’t wait!

On another exciting note, today the newest Karen Kingsbury book comes out in the Bailey Flanigan series!!!! So excited for this as well. I love all books by this author…especially the Baxter series. I was so thrilled that she was going to write a series about Bailey. I could hardly wait for her to write and publish them. At that point I had never read the Baxter books,  so while I waited for the first new book about Bailey Flanigan to arrive I borrowed and read the entire Baxter series…which is a lot of wonderful reading! If you love great stories check out the new book called Longing out today! I can’t wait to read it!

A new book is a wonderful exciting adventure that I love! I have one new book on the way and another I can’t wait to read. What books do you love?



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