One Of Those Days

What a day! Have you had those days that you just can’t take another thing? If you are a momma then you probably have had one of those days.

Jared was having a difficult time so I told him he wasn’t in charge because daddy and I are in charge. I reminded him that God put mommy and daddy in charge of him.  He told me no…He was in charge (with Joshua of course). So the rest of the night was fun as you can imagine. He ended up with an early bedtime along with Joshua who knew he wasn’t in charge, but was having a hard time as well. He was having a hard time with kind words. Then all day long Amanda was like a magnet to anything she could crawl up. By dinner time my back ached, my head ached, and my knees ached and I was on the verge of a mommy meltdown. I had enough and was exhausted! Next on the agenda was baths, daddy time, snack, a little TV and bed. I was looking forward to bed!

As I got to spend a little individual time with each of my kids, I noticed things I love and adore about each of them. I was yet again captured with how much I love my kids. There is nothing like it! I love them in a way I can’t describe with words. Then God whispered to me that He loves them even more than I do. Can you imagine that??  I can’t imagine it, but it’s true.

Later that night I was looking in the mirror and realized something…God loves me more than anyone on this earth. He loves me more than anyone in my life and he loves me perfectly and unconditionally. My eyes teared up as I really realized that God loves me more than I can even understand and He loves you too.

Tonight go to your mirror and look at yourself. Think of the people in your life who really love you. Now look at yourself and realize that God loves you even more than anyone else. If you know the song Jesus loves me. Look at yourself in the mirror and sing it to yourself….Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Jesus loves ___________ this I know because the Bible tells me so.

That night I was just in awe of how much He loves me. In awe of how much he loves all the people around me. My prayer that night was asking God for a heart that loves others as He loves me.


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