The Encounter By Stephen Arterburn


Have you ever had anger or bitterness take up residence in your life? This story is about a man, Jonathan Rush, who is filled with anger toward his birth mom for abandoning him when he was just four years old. Jonathan has lived a  successful life, but his unresolved anger has taken its toll. He seeks counsel from a pastor and is told to go search for his birth mom. Go back to the beginning and find the truth. He reluctantly goes and so the story begins.  You journey with him on his road to finding his mom and learning to forgive.

I loved this story! The book grabs the reader right off the bat and is a quick read. I loved how the author starts you at the meat of the story and fills you in on the details along the way. This story kept me on the edge of my seat! The author, Stephen Arterburn, really conveys how to find healing  through finding the truth and facing the hurts in our lives. To forgive as Jesus has forgiven us.  To offer grace to those people in our lives who have hurt us. I would recommend this enjoyable, yet powerful book to anyone.

Disclaimer: I was provided this book by Thomas Nelson Publishing through their book review bloggers program in return for an honest review.


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