Is He My Everything?

Over the past several weeks I have been pondering and God has been really asking me to look at who He is and my response to Him.

Over the past few weeks I have been seeking out ways to really tell my kids about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. That God with skin on came down to earth and humbled himself so much that he came as a baby and walked the earth as fully God and fully man. He was the faithful, perfect Israelite that fulfilled all that God said He would fulfill and then (when he didn’t have to) He chose to die a horrific death for me and for my kids and for you. Then God raised him from the dead and He is now at the right hand of God waiting until He will come back for His bride.Wow!

I watched two videos recently, the first is by Francis Chan on YouTube entitled The Awe Factor Of God, and a video by Louie Giglio entitled Indescribable. Then I read the two accounts that are given in the Bible about the throne of God. Wow!

During all of this I really looked at myself and who I am when it’s just me and God…is He my everything?  Do I really love God with all of my heart and soul and mind? Or is He just a part of my life? Is he just something I think about, but don’t actually spend time with each day? Is he something I check off my to do list each day?

After all of this I really saw myself for the first time and saw what Jesus has done for me in a new light. He is huge, amazing, holy, awesome, and words can’t even describe Him. I am a woman who is not good, not faithful, and does not measure up to His standard. But God loved me so much (that God that is so amazing) that he did the unthinkable so that I could know Him. I just can’t get over that and I hope I never will. This Christmas I am just so in awe of who God is and the amazing gift that Jesus is for everyone. Do you know Him? Do you love Him? Because He is all you need and all you are searching to fill your life with….He is it!


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