The Valentine’s Day Challenge

This morning I was thinking about the first time I heard that Tim (my hubby) was interested in me.

I was helping at a youth event at my church when a friend came up to me and asked me how I was. I had been through a pretty hard break up several months before and was still “getting over it”. She said that she knew of someone who liked me. I immediately said,”Yeah, Jesus loves me.”

She cracked up and insisted it was a guy at church…even though Jesus does love me. 🙂  So then I joked about it with her and didn’t think of it again…. until ten minutes later when I see her running across the parking lot.

That’s when I saw him and I knew she was telling him she talked with me. Can we say oh no! I immediately got some ladies to stay with me all night. We just enjoyed the outdoor concert and noticed each other from afar all night.

Later I found out Tim actually just wanted her to do recon and see if I was seeing anyone and how old I was…hahaha. However, I am really glad she just spilled it and put us in that situation because that was the beginning. Several weeks later we went on our first date. Today we have been married seven years and have three beautiful children. 🙂

It’s Valentine’s Day and we don’t usually do much for the Hallmark holiday, but I was thinking about this and about being intentional. Do I intentionally love the people around me? Most of the time I am with my hubby, children, and family. But am I intentional with others? You know the people who annoy you, anger you, or just the people you see but never talk to, and yes even the people who have hurt you. Am I intentionally loving everyone?

Jesus wants us to love others. So this Valentine’s Day I am giving myself and you my blog friends a challenge….to intentionally love others today. You know your day and what you have to do today and where you have to go. So sit down for a minute and think about when and where you can intentionally love someone else today.

Maybe paying for someone’s coffee behind you in line, inviting someone you don’t really talk to over, calling someone, writing someone a note, bringing someone a little something….the list goes on. Who does Jesus want you to intentionally love this Valentine’s Day??


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