What Food Can Do

What Food Can Do

Food can fill our stomachs.

It cannot fill our souls.

Food can nourish our bodies.

It cannot nourish our hearts and minds.

Food can make our taste buds happy.

It cannot make us happy.

Food can give momentary pleasure.

It cannot give lasting pleasure.

Food can distract us from our pain.

It cannot take away our pain.

-Author Unkown

This week I went to my Weight Watchers meeting expecting a gain on the scale and sure that I would see one.

Last week was my birthday so I kept very careful track of my points and budgeted for cake, my birthday dinner, and my hubby taking me out to Olive Garden. I was on the right track, making wise choices, and still within my points for the week. Then the unexpected happened…I got sick. When I get sick I get depressed and often get emotional. By the middle of the week I didn’t care what I ate. I was eating forkfuls of cake, ice cream, and candy. The funny thing is that while I was sinking I still kept track of my points and after two days I saw negative points in RED on my online tracker. Now I was a teacher before a stay at home mom so seeing red was like a red flag. I stared at that red number and decided I wasn’t going to undo all that I had done the last five weeks. I made the decision to turn my “bad” week around. I started only eating my daily points and playing Just Dance 2 with my kids. I turned to my support system and God to help me through my week.  By my meeting/weigh in day I was back on track. I went to the meeting thinking I would gain….but I lost 2.3 lbs! I have a total weight loss of 12 lbs!!

During our meeting my leader gave us the poem What Food Can Do and I sat there staring at it thinking only God can do for me what food cannot. I put this poem right by my jewelry box so that each morning I can be reminded of what food can do and what God can do in my life.


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