Believe and Initiate

Yesterday my challenge is to believe in myself. Believe that I am a writer. The other part of the challenge was to put that belief into action by doing it. His challenge was to get up two hours early to write the following morning.

This morning I was supposed to wake up at 5:20 am. Guess who else decided to wake up….my little girly. I had to laugh at the timing of it all. The point of getting up early is to find a place that is distraction free. Mornings are just not distraction free at my house.My hubby is up in the early morning hours because he works weird hours. My kids get up early. So morning is not a good time of day for me.

Instead, I spent two hours tonight writing. I am so surprised too because normally I get writer’s block. I usually can’t get any words onto the paper. Tonight I was able to write. I wrote about when I ultimately surrendered my life to Christ and meeting my husband. When I was done I couldn’t believe how much came out of me. It was great!

Today’s challenge was to initiate. To start something I am scared of in the world of writing. To begin something…it could be a book, an article, or something else. What am I most afraid of writing….a book. Tonight I am starting to brainstorm about book ideas. Get some ideas down. That is a start….a beginning.

What are you afraid of starting? I challenge you to start something that you are scared of doing.

Tomorrow is day 4 of the challenge….I can’t wait!



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