Practice and Prepare

Hello! Today I want to update you on my writing challenge. I am participating in Jeff Goins 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge and boy is it challenging!

Day four of the challenge is entitled Practice. The challenge is to find a way to practice in public. This blog is a way to practice in public. Sometimes writing a blog really makes me feel nervous. I am putting myself out there for all to see in a public way…on the internet. The first time I wrote a post I was nervous and almost stopped. It takes guts to put yourself out there…which brings me to the next challenge.

Day five of the challenge is entitled Prepare. The challenge is to ship it or put something out there, anything. To ship a book proposal, an article, anything….just get it out there. One of the suggestions is to put something on your blog that no one has seen or something you haven’t told anyone about.

In order to do these challenges I have to believe I have something to say….there is the biggest challenge for me.

So, I am committing to post to my blog five days a week for the rest of the summer. I have no idea how this will go or what I could blog about nearly everyday (the thought really scares me) , but it would fulfill both of the challenges. So I’m going to do it. I am excited!

I hope you join me on my blogging adventure this summer!



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