Crockpot Writer

I love my crockpot! I love how quick crockpot meals are…they are great for moms like me! What I love most about them is the smell. I love how the whole house starts smelling great and my taste buds can’t wait for the meal to come. It is always worth the wait and delicious!

I think I have discovered something about myself. I am a crockpot writer. As I go through my day I mull over ideas for this blog. I pray about what to share. In my mind I develop an idea before an idea has even hit the screen. I do have writing times. Those times are when I let the words flow onto the paper, but usually those are the deep things that need to come out, but are not right for a blog. So, I think the crockpot and I have some things in common….the best things take some time, but are great when they are finally served.

I set a goal to post five days a week. However, I think that goal is an unrealistic goal at this time. That’s the thing about goal setting. It’s okay to aim high and tweak to a more realistic goal as you discover more about yourself. I know from my weight loss journey that in order to achieve my big goal it was also necessary to break that up into smaller goals. The smaller goals help you to achieve the big goal.

I look forward to growing my capability as a writer and hope you enjoy the posts to come.

What goals do you have for yourself?? What kind of posts would you like to see on this blog?



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