Vacation Moments

Do you ever take in a moment so that it becomes a mental memory? Almost as if you are taking a picture with your mind and storing it deep in your heart. I take mental snapshots often…here are some of my favorites from my recent vacation…

My boys buried in the sand eating a sandwich…they were completely buried except their heads and hands!

My little girl playing with her daddy at the beach

The boys swimming to their grandparents

Walking around the lake taking in the mountains with my hubby

Listening to my kids sing

Laughing with my hubby

Watching the boys cook me breakfast in the morning and seeing the pride on their faces as they give it to me

Watching the men (the boys, my hubby, and papa) go on a real hike

Delighting in seeing the boys playing in Spiderman’s Web….a hammock

My girly taking pride in strolling her baby around…what a good mommy

I could go on and on….Can you tell I love my family! We had a great time visiting with Grandma, Papa, and Aunt Shelly!!! My cup runneth over~



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