A Momma’s Imperfect Progress

I am enjoying the book Unglued! It is so nice to know other people have some of the same issues you do. I especially love that the promise of the book is progress. There are no quick fixes just imperfect progress. I love that…. imperfect (because I am so not perfect) and progress (changing)!

This week one of my sons has turned into a picky eater. He is usually easy going about food. He knows he needs to eat what’s on his plate in order to get a snack later. But lately he has been saying he doesn’t like whatever is on the menu for that night…unless it’s ravioli. He loves ravioli and macaroni and cheese. Especially mommy’s homemade macaroni and cheese!

Anyway, he had been sort of getting away with disliking the menu and getting variations of the meals. For example on taco night he got a quesadilla. Not a big deal. Then we went to Mimi’s house for dinner and he told me that daddy gave him too much breakfast so he couldn’t eat his dinner. (Really?! I couldn’t believe it. I could understand, but really.) So we reached a compromise and he ate half of the dinner. The very next day I was starting to defrost ground beef and he looked at me (with the ewww face) and asked what we were having for dinner?  I told him we were having goulash ( a family favorite) and he immediately said that he was not going to eat it because he doesn’t like goulash.  I told him that was what we were having for dinner and he was going to eat it. (Tensions rise) My hubby suggested we just give him some plain pasta for dinner, but I really didn’t want to keep this new trend going.

At this point I felt my explosion meter rising. I knew I would explode and yell if the situation didn’t get better. So I got alone, started cooking, and thinking about my dilemma. Then it hit me. I should look up in one of my parenting books what to do with a picky eater. As I cooked and read I had an aha moment. A great idea!!!

“Hey Josh. Do you want to cook dinner tonight?” I was smiling so big because my little guy loves to help!

“Yeah!” He ran to the kitchen excited to cook dinner. He poured the jar of spaghetti sauce in, spiced it up, stirred, picked a veggie or two, set the table, microwaved a few things, stirred, then we added some cheese ( not something I usually add to goulash,but he loves cheese). He was the chef!

When we sat down I told him to serve himself what he wanted. Usually we serve the kids, but today they were doing it themselves. He was so excited that he cooked dinner.

“Daddy do you like my dinner? I made it!” He was so proud. He also ate two and a half helpings of goulash and tons of veggies before he announced how stuffed he was. YES!!! VICTORY!!!

Imperfect progress in action!!! Usually I would let my frustration get to me, demand he eat what I cook and it would escalate into a fight. This time I thought about another way of handling the situation and gave myself time to cool down. The result was an idea that worked without all the conflict!

The next day my oldest son wanted to cook dinner. Now they are learning at a young age to cook (with momma’s help of course). It is a cool bonding thing for me and my boys!! Yesterday my oldest announced he wants to be a chef. (I’m jumping up and down with big smiles!)

Imperfect progress leads to a new me and a new you. Have you had any imperfect progress this week? I would love it hear about it!


11 thoughts on “A Momma’s Imperfect Progress

  1. That is so cool. I love your idea! My little guy also has been a good eater, but not so much lately. I think I might give it a try. Dinner has been on the edge of an Unglued moment the last few nights and sadly a full plate left at the table.

  2. I love cooking with kids! What a great way to diffuse the situation and get everyone to work together! Thanks for sharing

  3. Good for you, Kelly! Sometimes it’s so easy to come unglued when we don’t get what we want rather than find creative ways to deal with the situation. awesome lesson here, thanks!

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