Moments of Grace Each Day

“It is the beginning of the list season: lists of menus, lists of hand-made projects, lists of addresses, lists of baking goodies … lists of gifts.

I too begin… but only, currently, one list: A List of a Thousand Things, beginning with #1. I am daily jotting down items on my Thousand Gifts List, working, one-by-one, up to a thousand gifts. Not of gifts I want. But of gifts I have.

As the moments slip down the hour glass of time, I am scratching down the gifts—just as they happen, as they arrive, as they are unwrapped—that He has given that make my life grace, the daily graces that He gives in an infinite number of ways, that stir me.”  Ann Voskamp

Sometimes I think life is so hard. I just see the hard circumstances laid before me. I don’t see the blessings. I stress about food, clothing, and other weekly needs when God says not to worry. I wonder… will we make it. I question… will God provide? Trust does not come easy. Some moments I trust God with everything and other moments I face the grips of fear and doubt.

Then I read about a woman named Ann. I read her words on her blog.  She understands trusting God is not easy, her default in life has been fear, and she struggles with finding joy also. She decided to look for all the blessings that God was providing each moment of each day. She wrote about this on her blog and in her book  One Thousand Gifts.

 So each day I am going  to slow down, look around, and notice all the little moments of grace that He has given me. I am going to start my own list of one thousand gifts. I want to stop myself each time an anxious thought enters my mind and list all the graces and gifts He has given me. His mercies are new every morning. I can’t wait to start jotting the gifts – to open my eyes to His love and grace each day. To notice the small in my rushed world. To shift my focus. To thank Him.

No ordinary moments exist… Every good and perfect gift comes from His very throne room.” Ann Voskamp

Thousand Gifts List

1. the sparkle in my husband’s eye when he smiles at me

2. my daughters laughter

3. little boy snuggles

4. a back rub from my two-year old girl

5. peppermint mocha coffee on a cold night

6. little boys yelling, “Snow!”

7. a family walk on a starry night

8. Thanksgiving with family

9. tender-hearted boys sharing and showing grace to another


2 thoughts on “Moments of Grace Each Day

  1. I just found your blog and love your thousand gifts list! Awesome way, especially on hard days to be more aware of our blessing! I am inspired to start such a list!

  2. Thanks! You should check out Ann Voskamp’s book! After I read it I started my list because it is so inspiring to see her finding the blessings and joy in the dailies.

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