The Best of 2012

Today is the last day of 2012…Wow! Each year passes so quickly! As a stay at home mom the days seem to never end, but the years go so fast! I love thinking about all of the best things of the past year. So here are some of my best things of 2012….

Best Memory: Playing outside in the hot sun with my kids that grow way too fast! All the little smiles, laughter, and fun we shared!

Best Blog: Ann Voskamp (

Best Song: : “Worth It All” by The Vintage Band (I sing the whole cd to God, but especially this song)

Best thing I didn’t want to do, but did anyway was join weight watchers. I lost 20lbs and got in shape, but more than that God taught me that little choices have great impact and can change your life. He also taught me the importance of taking care of discipline in my life rather than just doing what I feel…mainly feeding feelings of anxiety and loneliness or choosing to be fed by Him.

Best New Habit: Running and keeping active

The best risk I took this year was blogging and accepting an invitation to a Christian Writer’s group of women that just was starting. God really laid it on my heart to join and it has been the biggest challenge and risk. God wants me to share my story (stories) of all the things He has done/is doing…it scared me out of my mind and still does. I have no words. My blog suffers because I just sit at the computer afraid and empty. Yet He wants me to share. I am now on a journey to share and write! God is teaching me so much by bringing me to the end of myself and totally reliant on Him…surrendered and trusting no matter what life brings.

Best Books: The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, The Bailey Flannigan Series by Karen Kingsbury

Best Verses: Psalm 103,Psalm 27, and Zephaniah 3:17

Best Recipe: French’s Friend Onion Chicken (mmmm…kids love it and hubby too!)

Best Moment: When I stopped trying to make my life into the picture in my head and just started to love the life He has given me. With that going through rough times with my family and realizing if the worst happened God gets the glory because I didn’t give in to the enemy…I didn’t give in to the fear.

Best Gift Received: moments… precious moments with my kids and hubby that are like mental pictures of smiles and laughter and joy.

The Best Jeans: American Eagle skinny boot…I can fit in them now!

The Best Coffee: Starbucks Iced Coffee that you can make at home and their Christmas coffee

The Best Skill Learned: Crocheting! I got to make scarves for Christmas! I am not crafty at all and have never created anything except stick figures and playdough challenged creations so this was great! With my own two hands I made a scarf!!

What are your best things of 2012??


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