Moments Before Dawn

For several months now I have been feeling the need to spend daily time with God in the morning. Most days speed past me so quickly, as a momma of three, that I can hardly find a minute to myself let alone time alone with God. I desire to be in His presence and hear His voice, but most days it just doesn’t happen.  I end up too tired at the end of the day.

During the month of December I tried to get up in the morning, but eventually I became too tired and exhausted. You see the moment I decided to get up and meet with my heavenly Father I was challenged. I loved every minute with God in those moments before dawn. It was like being in my daddy’s lap and just spending time with Him before each day. Those moments brought me strength, joy and such peace. I wasn’t just a tired, exhausted mom on those days. My hubby could immediately see a difference in me and loved it. My kiddos were greeted by a joy filled momma instead of a groggy irritated momma. It was wonderful! Then I started having little challenges like the kiddos would get way too early or be up all night long. Each morning was a different challenge. I couldn’t take it! I became tired, exhausted, and unwilling to fight for that time with God.

Since that time in December I have felt God nudging me to go back to spending time with Him in the morning. I didn’t think I could do it again. I tried one day here or there and always there was something that would happen to keep me from God. Eventually I realized this was more than just a coincidence it was the enemy at work to keep me from spending time with God.

Once I realized that I knew I needed accountability to help me commit and follow through with my daily goal of spending time with God in the morning. Who would be my accountability partner?

A few weeks later I read a blog post from this woman who started Hello Mornings. I read about this online community of women that was committing to getting up early each morning to spend time with God, prepare for their day, and if possible exercise….and they had online accountability groups. Yes! This is just what I need!

I went to register online for a Facebook accountability group…after all I love Facebook….when I realized that ALL the Facebook groups were full. They were broken into time zones and mine was all filled up. Now what?! I looked further down on the page and found Twitter groups.

God, you know I vowed never to do Twitter and I have no intention of starting now.

For a whole day I argued with God about joining Twitter. The thought of being out there more online kind of scares me so this was something I was not for in the least. But after a day I felt God really wanted me to be a part of this challenge and this group of women. So I did it…I set up a Twitter account and joined the group.

This morning was the first day of the Hello Morning Challenge. My little girly was up most of the night, but I still got up by 6am. I tip toed down the hallway, lit a candle, and tweeted my first tweet that I was up for the challenge. Then I spent the first moments of my day, those precious moments before dawn when all is quiet and the day has yet to begin, with God.

I loved seeing all the tweets this morning of all the women in my time zone saying they were up and excited. Then after their quiet time with God they would tweet what they learned. Women encouraging women and praying for one another in the moments before dawn. It was such a blessed time. I loved it and I couldn’t help but think how God must just be smiling watching His girls getting up to spend time with Him and spurring one another on in love. What community in the body of Christ!

The verse for this morning was Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Just the verse for me this morning and this is my prayer for you this morning as well that you would be filled with joy and peace by the only source of hope…Jesus!



2 thoughts on “Moments Before Dawn

  1. Sounds great, Kelly! Do you do twitter via computer or do you have to have to do it through an iphone? I always have a hard time w/ the balance. I try to workout first thing or else it doesn’t happen. But then by the time I’m done, the race is on to get the kids ready for school. I need to get it the habit of having quiet time as soon as they get on the bus. There never really is a good time, but I’m always better off when I do it!

    1. Hey Jessica! I do twitter on my Kindle through an app like on the phone, but I can also use the computer. If you are interested they also just opened up their main Facebook page so that anyone who did not get a chance to register or get into a group can comment in the morning and there are some leaders on to manage it. You can also just tweet to #hellomornings without being in an assigned group. It is great to set a time and have people that are encouraging you!

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