Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

Ok, so it is Sunday night and I am just finding five minutes to do Five Minute Friday’s. I love taking the five quiet minutes to write. To not obsess over it or clean it up to perfection, but to write from my heart. Here is my five minutes on my mama.


My mama loves.

I remember waking up, walking down the hall and seeing my mom on her bed or at the table with her Bible. She loves God and puts Him first each day. I remember peaking through the door seeing her pouring over the words of her Bible. She loves Jesus first and then loves others.

Six weeks after I was offered a teaching job in Las Vegas. God made it apparent this was His path for us so we jumped. My hubby was going to close out everything and follow me in a few weeks. I shoved my clothes in my car and my mom dropped everything to ride with me to Vegas. For three days my mom and I drove across the country to Las Vegas…. what an adventure of bonding with my mama! I remember sitting by the pool with her at the Sahara Hotel on the Las Vegas strip as she told me how proud she was that I was following God and how much she loves me.

A few years after the move to Vegas my hubby and I welcomed our firstborn son into the world. As they tried to induce my birth the baby’s heart rate disappeared. The doctors decided an emergency C-section was best. I found myself moments later in the OR anxious, terrified and waiting to hear my baby cry. I did hear that cry and as they were finishing up I saw his beautiful face, kissed his little cheek, and told him I was his mama. While they were rolling me into recovery I urgently asked my hubby for the phone to call my mama. Moments later through tears I said, “Mom he is so beautiful! I love you and just wanted to tell you we are ok and how beautiful he is.” I remember her saying, “Well of course he’s beautiful! Look at his parents!” As I held my son for the first time I felt that love…the love of a mama. The same love that my mama has for me I now have for him.


I am glad I can type really fast because I was racing against the clock to get it all out! What did your mama do to make her yours?


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

  1. What a precious memory! And it was a fun adventure too! It’s a blessing and a privilege to be your mama, just as it is for you to be your children’s mama. I had a great example also and blessed beyond measure to have the mama that God gave me. I have kept in the recesses of my heart the words of Proverbs 31. God will bless what we do in His name.

  2. Greetings!
    Visiting via FMF.

    What a wonderful memory of your mom. My memories are bittersweet, but as I get older (nearing 50 now), I’m seeing my mom in a different light. Thanks for sharing this. It’s the kind of memory that I want my kids to have of me — sitting with the Bible and my Savior, not staring at my notebook computer.


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