It’s The Little Things

My little guys get off the bus while my little girly is sleeping in the nice warm car. It’s winter time here and it’s cold. They rush into the car with one thing on their mind. 

“Are we having meatball subs for dinner?”

“Did you go shopping for meatball subs?”

They are so excited!

Last week they had meatball subs for the first time. They went to school, got lunch, and had their very first meatball sub. They loved it! Later that day it was all they talked about…meaball subs!

Personally I don’t really care for meatballs, but my husband loves his meatball subs. So it was a proud daddy moment when his little boys came home excited about meatball subs.

They talked about them all night.

Finally, I asked them if they would like to have them for dinner one night. Maybe on Karate night because it’s easy to prepare in the afternoon while they are at school. 


So today their little minds were hoping mommy wouldn’t forget to go shopping.

“Yes, it’s meatball sub day.” 

“Hurray!” They ran to the house.

All during dinner they just told me how good the meatball subs were. My hubby was saying how good they were too. It was a success!

After they left for Karate class, I just kept thinking it’s the little things that matter most.

Today I made their day because I made meatball subs for dinner. 

I don’t have to be perfect or live up to huge expectations to be a great mom. I just have to find the little things I can do or say to show them I love them. Grab little moments throughout the day to give them hugs and kisses, tell them I love them, tell them God loves them, encourage them when they figure out a hard math problem, or listen as they proudly read me a story. It’s the little things that show you care in a special mommy way.

What little things do you do?


2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. My little girl enjoys playing in her room with her dolls so much. She talks to them and even feeds them. getting her little presents always brightens up her face, its truly amazing what small things can do for a person. This is my favorite store for the gifts –

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