Five Minute Friday: Home


On my wedding day I dreamed our home would be a small little suburban house with the white picket fence in the perfect little neighborhood. Our home has been an apartment in Vegas, living with my in-laws, a duplex in the wrong neighborhood, and a “vintage” trailer in the country. Not exactly my dreams, but home wasn’t what I expected when I dreamed as a twenty something…it’s so much more than the walls we live in…

It’s my husband’s embrace
It’s smiling eyes that great me each morning that call me mom
It’s the running little feet that always tell me they love me
It’s the little girly who always wants me to play with her
It’s the birds chirping as I wake up to a new day
It’s the itch to run on a sunny day
It’s curling up with a good book, my warmest blanket and hot chocolate on a cold day
It’s family dinners at my mom’s house on Sunday
It’s spending time with God and knowing how fiercely I am loved
It’s hearing His voice and following His plan, not my own
It’s getting one more day to love on my family
It’s all the little moments of everyday grace


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Home

  1. Home for my husband and me was also once a duplex in the wrong neighborhood. 🙂 I agree…home is not so much about the place as it is about the people and the feelings around you and in you.

  2. So true. My home is a place that looks like a shed. I bemoaned and complained about it for awhile. But it is ours, and it is comfy.

    1. I so know what you mean. When we moved into the trailer my hubby and I were at war for awhile about moving here and oh the things God has taught me while we have lived here…surrender, trust, dependence, submission,etc. So glad someone else knows that road. Thanks for stopping by!

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