Five Minute Friday: Rest

Five Minute Friday is here! Hurray! This week the prompt is Rest. Just write for five minutes without editing, organizing, fixing, and perfecting. Just set a timer and write. Love it!



Rest for my soul comes from surrendering all that I am for all that He is. It’s living my life not by my own plans, but by laying down all of me and seeking His plans each day.

To let the Word wash over me daily.

To choose His way when I want to go my own way. To stop worrying and trust the One whose plan is best…His plan is nothing I would have expected, but always best.

To trust Him when I fear.

To put my loved ones in his hands, to put my dreams, wants, desires, future, past, and present in His hands.

To admit that I don’t know what is best.

Surrender and follow Him. Seize every blessing, each grace filled moment that He gives me and let Him live his life through me to reach others.

Rest in the One who gives rest to my soul…even when life is scary, hectic, stressful, or wonderful. Each unpredictable day is resting in Him…His love, grace, perfect plans, holiness, vastness, and the list goes on.


When do you find rest for your soul?


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Rest

  1. Hi! I followed you on FMF today. Nice to “meet” you.

    I love your reminder that rest and surrender go hand in hand.

    I think maybe I struggle with this sentence the most: To put my loved ones in His hands. To put my dreams, wants, desires, future, past, and present in His hands.” I need to be reminded to do that daily.

    Good words!

  2. As always, you are right at the the heart of the matter! For all of us, rest is desperately needed in this fast paced, me-first, time constrained world. Physical, emotional, and spiritual rest can only come from the Source, who invites us to give Him our burdens and in exchange He will give us…rest. Wonderful, peace-filled, supernatural rest. He tells us that when we lie down and sleep we will sleep in His peace. Rested. Refreshed. Restored.
    There is another word for rest…Jesus!
    Love your posts!

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