Five Minute Friday: Remember

Wow! The weekend just flew right by! I remember thinking I need to find five minutes to check out Lisa- Jo’s site to see what the prompt was and write my post, but as any mom knows sometimes you get so busy that you don’t think of it again until late at night or several days later.

So here I am on Sunday night. The kids have just fallen asleep and I am giddy because I have some moments to myself. Ahhh! Wonderful silence!! Anyway, so here it goes… just write…for five minutes…without fixing or perfecting….I love it!



I remember the day we met. We were both dating other people. We met at church. I was working with the babysitting service and you worked maintenance. You would casually stop by and talk. I thought you were cute, but after a few conversations I realized you didn’t like kids, and wanted to fly planes. You were a wonderer in my mind. Eventually you stopped dropping by…we both kept going with our lives.

Who knew that you would be my love of a lifetime. That you were the one I was praying for and hoping for and frankly begging God for. That I would stand with you on the top of the Empire State building as you proclaimed your desire to date me. That I would stand before you in a white dress so excited to become your wife. That we would have three kids and an adventure of a life filled with a love I am so lucky to share with you…who knew…except for God. Everyday I thank Him for knowing better than I do what path I should take and for the many blessings in my life.


Come join us for five minutes and write about the word remember!


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Remember

  1. kelly, nice to meet you. i too was very late this week, but finally got my photos done and ready. i didn’t realize now inconvenient it could be to sell a house early…and have less time than expeced to get out of the house! what a mess!

    nice to read your memories from when you first were married.

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