Five Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday on Good Friday…Love it! Join me writing for five minutes…unedited, just for enjoyment, not perfect. Then link up with the mob of writers that share our thoughts at Lisa Jo’s.

Today’s Prompt :Broken

I came from a home that was marked with brokenness
I wanted true love in the worst way
You died for me, you pursued me until I knew
the truth of your love

I was set free, forgiven and loved
Yet I remember the day I shook my fist at You
and told You to get out of my life
I wanted to do life my way…even after knowing Your saving grace

My way did not heal, but brought destruction
anxiety attacks
more heartache
bad choices
no direction
My heart was broken, I was broken and lost
A daughter that walked away from your love

You didn’t leave me, but reminded me You were there
You showed me the depth of Your love that broke your body
You always will be
You showed me that Your ways are not my ways
You always have been
You gave me a choice to follow you

Laying on my floor I gave all of me
for all of you
I wanted control and that path was destruction
I give it all to you not knowing
where you will take me
But I know that your ways are not mine
they are the best, perfect and holy
May my broken life be used for your glory

Thank you Jesus for your perfect plan that broke your body so that you would rise from the grave to give us a way. I am overcome with your love for me a daughter that rejected you, but that you took me back and never ever stopped loving me. Than you Jesus. Amen.



3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Broken

  1. Hello, I’m visiting from FMF. Thank you for sharing your heart. He truly is our personal Savior who shows us amazing love in so many different ways. May you have a blessed Resurrection Day.

  2. Wow! Your last sentence (before the prayer) really says it all. May my broken life be used for Your glory. Amen and amen. Love the way you’ve broken down God’s truth here.

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