Five Minute Friday: Here


Every Friday I join up with Lisa Jo Baker and hundreds of other bloggers to enjoy five minutes of writing. Today the prompt is Here. So Set your timer and enjoy the freedom of putting words on the page and hit publish. Good Luck!


I live in a world of tea parties, hide and seek, puppet shows, bubbles, legos, super heroes, and all the wonder of childhood. I love each moment.

Treasuring each moment, each smile, each glow of pride on their faces. Treasuring the small moments that are here.

My girly comes out of her room after bedtime and I see that smile. Those eyes that melt my heart. She hugs me and says, “Mommy I love you.”

The boys that are chatting in their beds still pumped up from the joy of going to Moe’s for dinner and taking swimming lessons.

Even when it drives me crazy that the house is littered with toys, the laundry doesn’t make it out of baskets, dishes are left undone, and the house is calling my name. I take time for adventures with my boys, dressing up as princesses with my girly and having an at home date with my hubby because here and now is what I am blessed with.

It is what I have to make the most out of so that one day they will be the ones that live in make-believe worlds with their kids.



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Here

  1. You seem like an awesome mom! I think it takes courage to choose to grow a relationship over doing some household task… Certainly your entire family will benefit! Thank you for the reminder to be in the (magical, imaginary) moments!!

  2. oh YES to the sweet moments… I have laundry in my living room that has been waiting to be folded since MONDAY!! some times I forget the importance of make believe! (visiting from FMF)

  3. These times are what you look back and remember when all the children are grown up and married/college and not living at home. I remember forts in the living room, the kitchen table with more paint, play-do, crayons than on the paper. But i remember going apple picking with my kids and all the neighbors kids and they making apple sauce with them all. Planting vegetables and seeing something grow that we can eat. Planting flowers and seeing them all summer. But the biggest things is “SPRING” sitting in the garage with tools and bike pump to raise seats, handle bars for the little leg got longer during the winter, and deciding you need a bigger bike and thinking where the money for that….. life moved on and memory’s are made to last, and last.
    remember this time because it only happens once.

    love ya dad

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