Five Minute Friday: View


Five minutes on the word View…ready, set….


At bedtime my boys ran to get their Bibles so they could read in their beds. It was precious. My oldest kept asking questions about what he has read. Deep theological questions about sin, God, being forgiven and sinning no more at 9:00pm. I smile at my husband.

A little later, I peek through the door to see my sleepy boys with their flashlights on hovering over their Bibles. They don’t notice me, but I see them in the dark talking to each other about God’s Words. They are reading each other passages.

I hear them talking about how if you say you haven’t sinned you are calling God a liar. Then my oldest starts reading (as best he can) the lineage of Christ. They flip to more passages they like and have underlined in their Bibles. My heart melts and tears form…they love God and want to know all they can.

They are in kindergarten and first grade. They are my boys that I have prayed over since they were in my round swollen belly and here tonight I can’t believe they are reading God’s Words aloud in the dark to each other. I take a mental picture and treasure it in my heart.


Come join me in blogging for five minutes on the word View. It’s fun to write just for the joy and not worry about perfecting or correcting. Check it out at Lisa-Jo Baker’s website!


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: View

  1. Oh, how precious! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Clearly you are doing a wonderful job raising your boys .. to God be the glory.

  2. It warms the heart of grandpa. Word picture are the story of today. I am glad its coming back and to hear how my grand kids are doing.

  3. Linking up through FMF. What a wonderful memory for you to store away in your Mommy archives. Loved reading your prose and could imagine you looking in…. What delight our Abba must have over us!

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