What do we need to remember today?


This morning I woke up with no strength…literally. Because of my blood disorder. When I have a flare up I become anemic and it is no fun!

While trying to get the kids off to school and do my Hello Mornings I remembered a verse that made me smile. I thought I would share it with you this morning as well.

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” Psalm 73:26

I just love the reminder He gave me this morning that He is all I need. My heart soared as I read the last part.

He. is. mine. forever.

Hallelujah!! He has me! He is not surprised by my health today or anything else in my life and He has it all under control. Even when it feels otherwise.

When I can’t do normal things and I have to rest it sometimes kills me. It is so frustrating that I can’t just do what I want to do because my body won’t let me today. But Praise be to God I am His!!!

Today I can read the Psalms and be reminded how faithful and present He is, how much he knows me and loves me, how he is my everything, and I can walk through my day singing praises to my King!!


No matter what you go through today or what your facing on your side of the screen today I want you to know that He loves you! If you know Him as savior today be reminded that He is yours forever!!!

Smile and go outside and look at all He has created! As I type I hear the birds songs, feel the warm breeze through the windows and smell the sweet spring air…He has blessed me already.

Smile! Today is a wonderful day because we have Him!!


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