Five Minute Friday: Fall


SAM_0096Ready, set, write!

Everyday I fall more in love with being a mom and my kids. I can’t believe how long the days are sometimes or how short the years are, but I know this I love it!

I get aggravated at little things and yell and lose my patience with my kids. I hate that and am forever trying to be more patient. But at the end of each day there are moments that I hold in my heart that are precious.

In these moments I memorize their tiny features, the way they smile, their laugh, or just the memories that are made in the everyday. Moments that when they are grown they will look back on. I fall more in love with them each day.

A part of my heart rips open when I think about all the moments that have passed, but it also is overwhelmed with joy at all the precious moments I have been given and the ones that are to come. ‘

I just want to scoop them up in my lap and hug them…never let go. But they must be let go. To have all the adventures that life gives them. And I will forever hold all the moments in my heart.

Each night we sing “I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone O Lord are my safety. I will lie down and sleep in peace.” And I fall more in love with the little children He has blessed me with and the family that he has created… it’s a dream come true!

Thank you Lord for all the little moments! šŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fall

  1. Oh, this is so precious. These moments, this love that you describe here, in all its tensions. The falling and the holding and the letting go. It’s all so complex and beautiful and messy. I’m so happy for you, that you have fallen in love with your kids and being a mom.

    1. Thanks! I was always the “I will never be a stay at home mom” kind of person. But this journey has been the biggest blessing and adventure….loving every minute!

  2. These are what being a parent is all about. Then as grandparents we have these to treasure and watch our children with there family’s and build more memories. And yes you fall in love with you children all over again

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