Listening to the In Between


Well Five Minute Friday’s word was: In Between and I wanted to sit right down after driving home from vacation to do my FMF post. However, my mind got all these ideas and it became overwhelming to just sit and write for five minutes. So here I am on Tuesday…finally getting to my Friday fun!

Ready, Set, Go!

Initially I was going to write about the wonderful moments of in between times you have with your children. Moments of pure joy playing dress up with my girly or watching my boys swimming in the lake and playing in the sand. The childhood moments I hold in my heart (their in between).

Then I was going to write of the challenges of living in the middle of an illness. The in between of symptoms starting and going to the doctor and finally getting a diagnosis. How suffering can be so hard, but teaches me more about joy and contentment in Christ during the days I can hardly walk around my house or think straight. The hard in between trials that teach us how to be full of joy and realized we are blessed.

But this past weekend, I was going through my old boxes in my mom’s attic (from my childhood days) and I found a journal. I threw it in a box figuring it was a journal of “I think he’s cute and I hope he likes me” stuff. Last night I sat down and read it. It was a journal from 1994…I was 15 years old. I read poems. Wow! I was impressed with my 15-year-old self. I never remember writing.

In fact for a year now I have been second guessing that I am a writer or should be writing. Not anymore. This was my official start to writing I was holding in my hands. My in between self jotting down feelings and emotions on paper. Sitting on my couch I realized it was the beginning of my writing self. Pretty cool!

I listened to my in between self processing life, experimenting with words, and jotting down poems that touched my soul. WOW!


Come join me in linking up with Lisa Jo Baker at Five Minute Fridays!! You’ll love it!


5 thoughts on “Listening to the In Between

  1. Love your post! I have a box in my closet of old journals I wrote when I was a teen. I have gone back through some of them and even written a few blog posts on feelings I had back then, that I did not remember having. Thanks for sharing, even on Tuesday!

  2. Being fashionably late with someone is way cooler than doing it alone! Thanks for stopping by, and how cool that your in between self was already becoming your now-writer-self! I have two daughters in those in between ages. It makes me really want to encourage them in what they love doing!

  3. So, I’m really glad that you found your journal! In all the thoughts of ” can” or “should” I, you’ve discovered that you already did. Now you just keep going. You are free, that barrier has been removed!

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