It’s A Beautiful Life!


My mini me who sings to me and dances the day away with me.

My little guy who loves to check how tall he is compared to his mommy.

My little superhero who just wants to hear how strong he is.

The tree they climb with daddy that makes me nervous, but gives them such joy.

Taking turns using the camera to take pictures of the life they love.

Laughing, crying, playing, and fighting together…the chaos that makes me a mommy. 🙂

Our little vintage mobile home we love.

Living in the quiet country.

Riding bikes and cars outside

Taking walks around the neighborhood

When you add it all together it is our beautiful life!

Linking up today with Lisa Jo Baker and all the women who make writing for the fun of it so much fun!!! Join us each Friday for a new word(s) and enjoy writing whatever comes for five minutes. Then share and encourage the writer before you!!! So much fun…even on Tuesday! 🙂


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