When a Diagnosis is a Blessing



I feel so blessed. I am no longer wondering what horrible thing is happening to me because I have a diagnosis!!

I have been suffering the effects of Migraine.

I couldn’t believe it! After going to so many doctors thinking about all the “what if” possibilities running through my mind I finally know and can deal with it. Hurray!

One of my biggest prayers over the last few months was for an answer. I know God knows exactly what is going on in my life at all times, even when I don’t. So I was praying He would show the doctors what was happening to me so I could deal with it, get some help, and move on.

Today I am in the process of trying to figure out a treatment plan that works for my Migraines. Being educated on Chronic Migraine and trying to figure out the best way to deal with the daily migraines. I am blessed that I no longer walk into walls, mix up my speech, or fight chronic fatigue. This experience has really opened my eyes. I take so much for granted each day. I don’t realize what a blessing it is to walk straight, drive a car, talk correctly, or even be able to stay awake and take care of my kids.

Each day is such a blessing and we don’t even realize it. Take a moment today to just breathe in and out and count all the wonderful things in your life. I usually count all the things that I don’t like or don’t seem to be going great that day. It makes me feel depressed about my life. The second I look around me and see all the great things in my life I really am amazed at how God loves me and has blessed me beyond what I deserve.

Today I am blessed by an answer to my illness and a treatment plan which has led me to realize how much God loves me each day! God loves you too…what blessings has He given you?


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