What are your dreams for 2014?

Happy New Year! You made it into another year! Hurray!

I am jumping with joy myself!

I can’t wait to see what this new year holds for my family!


I also can’t wait to see what God has in store. I love walking each day with Him. Good or bad He will never leave me. He is my strength, my joy!

Last year I faced many challenges. The biggest was a health issue and fear. Fear was such a challenge this year.

During the year God also pressed upon my heart some things. Things I didn’t want to do because of the fear.

One person I love said to me, “Kelly you just have to take the little seed of faith God gave you and run with it. You can’t wait for God to drop a ton of it on you.”

That person was my mom and she is so right.

Sometimes a girl just needs to be told the truth and my mom knew I needed a good dose of it. Her words stay with me each day when I start to ignore that little voice that is asking me to act on what God has called me to do.

So I am taking this dream and the little faith I have and running with it! This year will be a year of action!

I would love to encourage you to act on your goals and dreams this year. My family has been through a lot and I can tell you first hand life is short. Take your dreams and run! I would love to hear your dreams for 2014!


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