Five Minute Friday: Fight

Friday is here! Hurray! I am so excited that Five Minute Friday is back for a new year! I love writing without editing for five minutes on the given prompt. It’s so much fun! You should try it! This week we are writing on the word fight.


This evening my little girly was asking about our wedding and my pretty dress. She was curious if my dress was big and pink. My sons started asking questions and wanting to see pictures. So I proudly dug out our wedding album.

We all gathered on my bed looking at the pictures. They pointed out everyone they knew (making sure to point out how different we all look now). They saw the ceremony, kissing pics (ewww), the cake (yum) and the party with dancing!


My oldest examined the year on the cover of the album. His fingers started moving and he looked up boldly stating that he was born two years after we were married. Then we looked at a second album given to us as a gift. On the last page it reads “and they lived happily ever after”.

“It’s like a fairytale mommy.” He smiled with wide eyes as he discovered the origin of the phrase.

“Yep, it is. Most people hope for their marriage to have a happily ever after.” I stated.

“Yeah, and it did!”

That moment washed over me as he smiled at me. In his eyes we live a happily ever after. Priceless!

He doesn’t know that we had to fight for our marriage. He doesn’t know that we had to fight for our happily ever after. We had to choose to love, forgive, and endure through tough times.

He sees a mommy and daddy that love God, love each other, and love them. He sees our life as blessed. He loves his life!

He doesn’t know that we went through challenges that should have tore us apart, but because we fought, prayed, loved, and sacrificed. He blessed our marriage. God taught us to love each other through all our challenges and to live each moment following Him with a surrendered heart. To pray together and ask God for His direction. Then act on the answer He gave. To follow God’s path and not our own.

Each little decision led to the life we have, which is the life my son loves! Each decision has led to God making our life into a happily ever after. His happily ever after that He planned from the moment we said, “I do.”


Fight for your marriage. Fight for your walk with God. Fight the feeling of wanting your life your way and surrender to the God who loves you and who has a wonderful plan for your life. You won’t regret it!


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fight

  1. So true. We’ve had to fight for our marriage of 29 years and counting. I’m so glad we have God on our side, too, or it would have turned out completely different. Loved your story! Visiting from Lisa Jo’s link up.

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