When the moments of stillness are precious

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”

Early in the morning before the sun starts to peek around the trees I rise to meet with Jesus. In the secret place before the day has even started I sit with my Bible, journal, and start my day with Him.

Sometimes I use a study and sometimes I just read where my heart leads, but I spend time in His Word. This is where my relationship with God begins in the quiet, still moments before dawn breaks.

These are the moments when I learn more about Him. He speaks. I listen.

He shows me how to put my life down, to surrender all, as He lives His life through me.

He shows me how His life starts when I am at the end of myself.

These are the sacred still moments that change my heart and my mind. In the stillness of His presence I find that He is everything. I bow my head before Him and say, “I demand nothing and I surrender all to you Lord.”

Those beginning moments before kids get up, work begins, and the day gets busy. Those are the moments that fill me up for my day. They are the moments where my relationship with God becomes intimate and real.

But let’s be honest, sometimes those moments come after dawn too. In the few moments during the day when kids are at school and my little girl is playing or after everyone is in bed and the house is finally quiet. Once, I grabbed my Bible, ran into the bathroom and hid from the kids because I so needed Jesus at that moment. Life happens and sometimes we have to have those moments at other times.

So if that is you….know sometimes it’s me too. In fact lately other things have kept me from getting up early too. So, it’s more like moments at breakfast or moments before bed. However, God meets me no matter when it is. He knows my heart is to meet with Him and to know Him. So feel at home here…grab your Bible, coffee, and sit on the couch with me as we meet with Him today.

Lord, help us to find the moments of stillness before you each day so that we may know you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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