What blessings brighten your day?

As I sit in my van on a cold morning. I long for change. I long for the storms of winter to be behind me. I look out my window to see my children laughing and playing as they wait for the bus. They are so carefree as their breath comes out in puffs.

Then we see it.

My son rushes over to the brown grass by the tree with slowly melting snow around it and points to the most wonderful sight…a robin!

“Mom! It’s a robin! It’s a sign of Spring!” He runs to the van to make sure I see it out my window and we celebrate. You would have thought we saw a celebrity with all the excitement.

That little robin looking for food as he sings was a little blessing from my Abba father bringing hope to my heart this morning.

What little blessings can you see around you this morning that brightens your day?

Thank you Lord for the blessing of a tiny robin this morning. You are so good. Your mercies are new every morning. 


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