When we feel empty

There is an empty ache longing to be filled.

Then I get alone with God at the kitchen table with coffee, and He whispers the truth into the deepest part of me…

“You are a chosen and loved woman of God.”

He chose me just because. He pursues me and only His love can fill me. He loves perfectly and completely. When I let that sink into my soul I have peace and joy and I find who I am…I am His!!

My identity is that I am a chosen and loved woman of God.

When I look for who I am in other places I find emptiness. Only He can fill the empty places.

You are chosen and loved right where you are. He is pursuing a relationship with you. He wants to fill the deepest parts of your soul with Himself. He doesn’t promise answers or map of what great plans He has for us, but He fills us and leads us through life. He desires to give us an abundant life!

Wherever you are today and whatever you are facing know that He loves you and wants you to run to Him so that He can be your everything.

Lord, thank you for being my identity. That I don’t have to look to others to fill me up or to define who I am. That my job doesn’t define me or my finances or house or status. Thank you that you chose me , not because of anything I have done or am, but because of your grace. Thank you for your love that fills the deepest part of me and is all I need. Thank you that I am yours and that is all I need.


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