What do we need to remember today?


This morning I woke up with no strength…literally. Because of my blood disorder. When I have a flare up I become anemic and it is no fun!

While trying to get the kids off to school and do my Hello Mornings I remembered a verse that made me smile. I thought I would share it with you this morning as well.

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” Psalm 73:26

I just love the reminder He gave me this morning that He is all I need. My heart soared as I read the last part.

He. is. mine. forever.

Hallelujah!! He has me! He is not surprised by my health today or anything else in my life and He has it all under control. Even when it feels otherwise.

When I can’t do normal things and I have to rest it sometimes kills me. It is so frustrating that I can’t just do what I want to do because my body won’t let me today. But Praise be to God I am His!!!

Today I can read the Psalms and be reminded how faithful and present He is, how much he knows me and loves me, how he is my everything, and I can walk through my day singing praises to my King!!


No matter what you go through today or what your facing on your side of the screen today I want you to know that He loves you! If you know Him as savior today be reminded that He is yours forever!!!

Smile and go outside and look at all He has created! As I type I hear the birds songs, feel the warm breeze through the windows and smell the sweet spring air…He has blessed me already.

Smile! Today is a wonderful day because we have Him!!

Five Minute Friday: View


Five minutes on the word View…ready, set….


At bedtime my boys ran to get their Bibles so they could read in their beds. It was precious. My oldest kept asking questions about what he has read. Deep theological questions about sin, God, being forgiven and sinning no more at 9:00pm. I smile at my husband.

A little later, I peek through the door to see my sleepy boys with their flashlights on hovering over their Bibles. They don’t notice me, but I see them in the dark talking to each other about God’s Words. They are reading each other passages.

I hear them talking about how if you say you haven’t sinned you are calling God a liar. Then my oldest starts reading (as best he can) the lineage of Christ. They flip to more passages they like and have underlined in their Bibles. My heart melts and tears form…they love God and want to know all they can.

They are in kindergarten and first grade. They are my boys that I have prayed over since they were in my round swollen belly and here tonight I can’t believe they are reading God’s Words aloud in the dark to each other. I take a mental picture and treasure it in my heart.


Come join me in blogging for five minutes on the word View. It’s fun to write just for the joy and not worry about perfecting or correcting. Check it out at Lisa-Jo Baker’s website!

Where Do I Find My Comfort?


I find my comfort in you Lord
When life is too heavy, difficult, and scary
I turn to your Word

Your Word speaks to my soul
because You are present when I read

You point out the Words my soul longs to hear
You show me true peace
You show me Yourself
You let me see myself through your eyes

I praise you Lord
You never change
You are always good
Your plans are always best
even when it’s hard…it’s best

My comfort is when I give you my burdens
When I trust even if I don’t understand
When I give you all of me
In exchange for all of you
I find true comfort for my soul

Today I’m joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker and hundreds of other bloggers for Five Minute Friday. I hope you check it out and join the party!

Five Minute Friday: Brave

It’s Friday!! Hurray!! This week’s word is brave…ready, set, go!


When I think of being brave I think of the moment in Indiana Jones. When Indie is standing on the edge of a cliff and he needs to take a step. He could either step off the cliff and plunge to his death or he could step off and be ok. He can’t see anything there, but he takes the step and a bridge appears. He could only see the bridge after he took the step, but before that I am sure he was overcome with fear, uncertainty, second guessing, feelings of anxiety, and the temptation to not go any further on his journey. Yet he pushes all of that aside and takes the step. To me that is brave.

For me right now God has been showing me a step he wants me to take. I want to take it. I am often tempted to do other things and avoid doing what He wants me to do. I get stressed about not seeing the bridge. Each brave step I have taken has been blessed by God. I love taking steps of faith in my journey with God, but it takes overcoming the fear that always creeps up and the “what if” thoughts that always want to win. Don’t let them win…be brave and follow Him one brave step at a time.


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Five Minute Friday: Jump

2011 Fall Photo Shoot 060

Five minutes…Jump….


“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” I insist.

“You can…” Is what I hear echoed by friends.

“I can’t,” I whisper to myself.

“Just jump in and try. I am with you. You can…trust in me,” I hear whispered to my soul by God.

“Lord, I just don’t have any words to give.”

“You do. Because I have gifted you and am working in you and through you to accomplish my plan. Through your words I will glorify myself. Just jump in, without fear, and trust in me. Just jump in and try. I will meet you there.”

“Ok, Lord. I will jump into this writing and commit to write even when I don’t have the words. I will jump!”


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Five Minute Friday: Here


Every Friday I join up with Lisa Jo Baker and hundreds of other bloggers to enjoy five minutes of writing. Today the prompt is Here. So Set your timer and enjoy the freedom of putting words on the page and hit publish. Good Luck!


I live in a world of tea parties, hide and seek, puppet shows, bubbles, legos, super heroes, and all the wonder of childhood. I love each moment.

Treasuring each moment, each smile, each glow of pride on their faces. Treasuring the small moments that are here.

My girly comes out of her room after bedtime and I see that smile. Those eyes that melt my heart. She hugs me and says, “Mommy I love you.”

The boys that are chatting in their beds still pumped up from the joy of going to Moe’s for dinner and taking swimming lessons.

Even when it drives me crazy that the house is littered with toys, the laundry doesn’t make it out of baskets, dishes are left undone, and the house is calling my name. I take time for adventures with my boys, dressing up as princesses with my girly and having an at home date with my hubby because here and now is what I am blessed with.

It is what I have to make the most out of so that one day they will be the ones that live in make-believe worlds with their kids.


After the Death of a Dream (Five Minute Friday)


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After we moved into our “vintage trailer” I was angry. I didn’t want to live in this tiny 1970’s trailer in the middle of cow country.

I wanted more. I wanted a real house. I wanted the dream in my head of the little suburban home with a deck and backyard.

I was really mad at my new home…even if it was a good financially, a safer neighborhood, and better schools.

I felt my dream of a home was dead.

Sometimes the death of a dream is a good thing, because it makes room for God’s dreams. Months later God started teaching me lessons through my “vintage trailer”.

I learned how blessed I am to have this little home. Because so many in the world have so much less. He started changing my worldview and showing me what He sees. I am so richly blessed.

He also started deepening my dependence on Him for everything. He started showing me the depths of true surrender of our plans and dreams for His. During this process I questioned…Is God’s plan really better?

Then I learned that His plans are never our plans and they are always better. I had to change my perspective of “better”. Better to glorify Him.

Since living in our “vintage trailer” we have grown as a family, my hubby has grown spiritually, I have grown closer to God and we have had opportunities to love on and minister to people.

After the death of a dream came better dreams…His dreams to use us for His glory.


Five Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday on Good Friday…Love it! Join me writing for five minutes…unedited, just for enjoyment, not perfect. Then link up with the mob of writers that share our thoughts at Lisa Jo’s.

Today’s Prompt :Broken

I came from a home that was marked with brokenness
I wanted true love in the worst way
You died for me, you pursued me until I knew
the truth of your love

I was set free, forgiven and loved
Yet I remember the day I shook my fist at You
and told You to get out of my life
I wanted to do life my way…even after knowing Your saving grace

My way did not heal, but brought destruction
anxiety attacks
more heartache
bad choices
no direction
My heart was broken, I was broken and lost
A daughter that walked away from your love

You didn’t leave me, but reminded me You were there
You showed me the depth of Your love that broke your body
You always will be
You showed me that Your ways are not my ways
You always have been
You gave me a choice to follow you

Laying on my floor I gave all of me
for all of you
I wanted control and that path was destruction
I give it all to you not knowing
where you will take me
But I know that your ways are not mine
they are the best, perfect and holy
May my broken life be used for your glory

Thank you Jesus for your perfect plan that broke your body so that you would rise from the grave to give us a way. I am overcome with your love for me a daughter that rejected you, but that you took me back and never ever stopped loving me. Than you Jesus. Amen.


When Our Imperfections Connect Us

Ever since I wrote the post Remember I have been thinking about this one memory. My mind just won’t let it go. So today I would like to share it with you.

Sometimes God uses our ugly imperfections in the life of another who needs to see that imperfection.

I have spots on my skin.

When I was fifteen years old I started getting little white spots on my hands. The dermatologist said it was Vitiligo. A skin disorder involving the loss of pigmentation of the skin, which appear as spots. They have grown over the years. The good thing is that I am fair-skinned so they are not very noticeable to others, except during summer.

When people ask what it is I casually say, “Oh, yeah, I have spots and guess what they glow in the dark.” People laugh and that is that.

(They really do glow in the dark though. I found that out when I went with friends to Lasertron and they were glowing under the black lights.)

My hubby assures me he doesn’t think they make me ugly. But sometimes I feel ugly when I see them. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had darker skin and people really noticed stark white spots all over my face, hands, and arms.

One year I was teaching eighth grade English and I met Latisha.

Latisha was the toughest girl. She would fight anyone and gave all teachers a hard time. She was constantly in detention or in-school suspension.

I noticed it the very first time we met…she had Vitiligo too.

She was a beautiful girl with half her face as a giant white spot. My heart went out to her because I could guess how difficult that would be as a middle school student. I knew it was one of the things that made her so guarded.

One day she stood up in the middle of the class during my lesson and announced she had to use the restroom.

“No, Latisha. You were just out. Please sit down.” Frustrated she glared at me from the middle of the room. A few minutes later she stood again.

“Oh, I have to go to the nurse you know for my skin problem. So I’m going to go, all right?”

I looked at her knowing the nurse could do nothing for her.

“No, you don’t have to go to the nurse. Please sit down.” I said calmly.

“Yes I do! I’m going.”

“No, Latisha. I know you don’t have to go to the nurse because I have the same thing you do. So, please sit down.”

She sat slowly looking at me like she couldn’t believe it. Then she interrupted me again telling me I didn’t have anything wrong with my skin.

It was fall so my spots were less noticeable.

She walked up to the front of the classroom challenging me. The rest of the class carefully watched wondering what was going to go down.

I looked at her with all the compassion I had and pulled up my sleeves showing her my spots. My ugly white spots. I’ll never forget the look on her face as she saw my spots.

Her jaw dropped open and her eyes were wide with disbelief. I did have what she had. She sat down and was quiet the rest of the class….which was not like her at all.

After that day I saw a new Latisha walk into my classroom. Her walls were down. Her hard attitude was gone. Instead a sweet, energetic, interested girl glided into my classroom.

She talked with me and was excited to tell me things. I was a new friend and not the enemy. She worked hard in my class and loved learning. I saw her smile everyday!

All because we share the same ugly spots.

I don’t know why God allowed those spots to appear on my skin, but that day I was thankful for them.

Everyday I see my spots and remember the girl who desperately needed to see them too.

Whatever imperfections you have I just want you to know that God loves you, He thinks you are a beautiful creation, and He just may have a purpose for those imperfections.

(Here is a picture of me with my spots. My spots are on my hands, elbows, and face.)


Five Minute Friday: Remember

Wow! The weekend just flew right by! I remember thinking I need to find five minutes to check out Lisa- Jo’s site to see what the prompt was and write my post, but as any mom knows sometimes you get so busy that you don’t think of it again until late at night or several days later.

So here I am on Sunday night. The kids have just fallen asleep and I am giddy because I have some moments to myself. Ahhh! Wonderful silence!! Anyway, so here it goes… just write…for five minutes…without fixing or perfecting….I love it!



I remember the day we met. We were both dating other people. We met at church. I was working with the babysitting service and you worked maintenance. You would casually stop by and talk. I thought you were cute, but after a few conversations I realized you didn’t like kids, and wanted to fly planes. You were a wonderer in my mind. Eventually you stopped dropping by…we both kept going with our lives.

Who knew that you would be my love of a lifetime. That you were the one I was praying for and hoping for and frankly begging God for. That I would stand with you on the top of the Empire State building as you proclaimed your desire to date me. That I would stand before you in a white dress so excited to become your wife. That we would have three kids and an adventure of a life filled with a love I am so lucky to share with you…who knew…except for God. Everyday I thank Him for knowing better than I do what path I should take and for the many blessings in my life.


Come join us for five minutes and write about the word remember!

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Five Minute Friday is here! Hurray! This week the prompt is Rest. Just write for five minutes without editing, organizing, fixing, and perfecting. Just set a timer and write. Love it!



Rest for my soul comes from surrendering all that I am for all that He is. It’s living my life not by my own plans, but by laying down all of me and seeking His plans each day.

To let the Word wash over me daily.

To choose His way when I want to go my own way. To stop worrying and trust the One whose plan is best…His plan is nothing I would have expected, but always best.

To trust Him when I fear.

To put my loved ones in his hands, to put my dreams, wants, desires, future, past, and present in His hands.

To admit that I don’t know what is best.

Surrender and follow Him. Seize every blessing, each grace filled moment that He gives me and let Him live his life through me to reach others.

Rest in the One who gives rest to my soul…even when life is scary, hectic, stressful, or wonderful. Each unpredictable day is resting in Him…His love, grace, perfect plans, holiness, vastness, and the list goes on.


When do you find rest for your soul?

Five Minute Friday: Home


On my wedding day I dreamed our home would be a small little suburban house with the white picket fence in the perfect little neighborhood. Our home has been an apartment in Vegas, living with my in-laws, a duplex in the wrong neighborhood, and a “vintage” trailer in the country. Not exactly my dreams, but home wasn’t what I expected when I dreamed as a twenty something…it’s so much more than the walls we live in…

It’s my husband’s embrace
It’s smiling eyes that great me each morning that call me mom
It’s the running little feet that always tell me they love me
It’s the little girly who always wants me to play with her
It’s the birds chirping as I wake up to a new day
It’s the itch to run on a sunny day
It’s curling up with a good book, my warmest blanket and hot chocolate on a cold day
It’s family dinners at my mom’s house on Sunday
It’s spending time with God and knowing how fiercely I am loved
It’s hearing His voice and following His plan, not my own
It’s getting one more day to love on my family
It’s all the little moments of everyday grace

It’s The Little Things

My little guys get off the bus while my little girly is sleeping in the nice warm car. It’s winter time here and it’s cold. They rush into the car with one thing on their mind. 

“Are we having meatball subs for dinner?”

“Did you go shopping for meatball subs?”

They are so excited!

Last week they had meatball subs for the first time. They went to school, got lunch, and had their very first meatball sub. They loved it! Later that day it was all they talked about…meaball subs!

Personally I don’t really care for meatballs, but my husband loves his meatball subs. So it was a proud daddy moment when his little boys came home excited about meatball subs.

They talked about them all night.

Finally, I asked them if they would like to have them for dinner one night. Maybe on Karate night because it’s easy to prepare in the afternoon while they are at school. 


So today their little minds were hoping mommy wouldn’t forget to go shopping.

“Yes, it’s meatball sub day.” 

“Hurray!” They ran to the house.

All during dinner they just told me how good the meatball subs were. My hubby was saying how good they were too. It was a success!

After they left for Karate class, I just kept thinking it’s the little things that matter most.

Today I made their day because I made meatball subs for dinner. 

I don’t have to be perfect or live up to huge expectations to be a great mom. I just have to find the little things I can do or say to show them I love them. Grab little moments throughout the day to give them hugs and kisses, tell them I love them, tell them God loves them, encourage them when they figure out a hard math problem, or listen as they proudly read me a story. It’s the little things that show you care in a special mommy way.

What little things do you do?

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Five Minute Friday already! As usual this is not Friday by the time I post, but I love to just write on each of Lisa-Jo Baker’s topics. I am giddy as I check her blog for the next topic! So here it goes!


My days seem so ordinary. I live a simple life, an ordinary life. I get breakfast, say goodbye, play puzzles, watch Elmo, clean a house, make lunch, play some more, get kids, go over schoolwork, cook dinner, do dishes, give baths, read stories, sing goodnight and use every moment I have to show them and tell them how much Jesus loves them. Those are my ordinary days… the days that seem so long and never-ending.

But what happens when the ordinary things are stripped away. I got sick and suddenly the ordinary mundane things were impossible. I couldn’t cook dinner or take care of my kids. I couldn’t play with my daughter or get the boys off the bus. In those moments I see how each moment of my life is not ordinary. It is extraordinary.

The inability to participate in the ordinary mundane things my life made me see and realize the blessings of the ordinary. Now I hold in my heart a deep love of all things ordinary. Like the way my daughter holds my neck when she hugs, or the light in my husband’s eye when he smiles, or the laughter of two boys playing Transformers, the little prayers by sweet sensitive kids, and the questions they are burning to ask…those are things of beauty I now cherish each day.

Sparkly Green Earrings: Giveaway


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sparklygreenearrings1Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time!

Melanie is a blogging mom (Big Mama) with a great personality that is relatable and genuine. Melanie’s book is a memoir that captures the adventure of thinking about starting the motherhood journey and follows through until her daughter is eight years old. I couldn’t put it down!

I cuddled up on the couch after my three kiddos went to bed one night with Melanie’s book, a warm blanket, and hot chocolate. Before I knew it I was laughing out loud! So loud I had to quick quiet down because I didn’t want to wake the kids. Her book is like sitting down with your girlfriend over coffee while she tells you her crazy real stories of motherhood. I loved it!

I would recommend this book to any mom! I loved each page and know you will too!

I am excited that today I have a free copy to giveaway!! I am so excited to giveaway a copy of this amazingly refreshing book to one of you. I just keep telling my friends how wonderful it is and that they have to read it!

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